Building Process

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Building a home is the greatest expense most people will incur in their lifetime

nichoThe greatest care is given to all details of our homes, starting with the floor plan. Each floor plan is developed by meeting with you, our home owner, determining through discussion, exactly what you both need and want in a home.

In developing a floor plan, many things must be taken into consideration, such as the site itself, the orientation of the site, the topography of the site, views, the "feel" or style of the house, the potential need for handicapped accessibility, and your needs as well as desires.
We are happy to go to the site and help you, the home owner, determine what kind of view you want, where on the site you want the house located, and even take into account solar orientation.

If you do not own a lot, we have several lots from which to choose. We are also happy to help you in the search process as well.
We then begin the actual process by developing a preliminary floor plan. All essentials are laid out and you are given a copy to study and make any changes. We spend a great deal of time on this preliminary process to insure that the floor plan is exactly the way you want it. After the floor plan is drawn to your satisfaction, the full set is completed. This full set includes a fully dimensioned floor plan, window and door schedules, foundation plan, elevations (view of the home from all sides), electrical layout, roofing layout, and site plan. These plans are then submitted to either the city or county for approval.

entertainment centerUpon approval, construction can then begin.

The next step is to pick out all amenities. We will take you to our experienced and varied sources, allowing you (with as much guidance as you desire) to pick out all finishes and furnishings which go into making this house your home.
Care and thought to the entire process is of utmost importance to the home owner and to us as well. We will be there every step of the way.